Chapter One

I've written my book. Now what?

Congratulations! You are about to join the illustrious ranks of published authors. There are a few details to consider, then we can get started.

You will not have to pay $20,000 to $30,000 for a print run. Thanks to modern advancements in print technology, you can now put your book on the market for a fraction of the cost. For less than 10% of the cost of a traditional print run, you can not only get your book published, but market it on the Internet and to bookstores as well. Your name can be immortalized in print for less money than most people spend on a two-week vacation.

What do I need to get started?

Your first step is to choose the package that best fits your needs. We have designed our packages to allow you to choose the services that you need, and that fit your budget, without having to wade through a lot of technical jargon and information. Each package gives you specific advantages, and you can upgrade at any time.

The Basic Package

The "Basic" package is ideal for the Accomplished Author, who has already published their book through another publisher or has their book all ready to go. If you have your book in pdf format, and have taken care of the copyright page, library registration, and ISBN, this package is ideal for you. It includes

  • printing of your full colour cover from your file
  • printing of your book from your Adobe Acrobat © pdf file
  • storage and backup of your files
  • printing and binding of one proof copy
  • a non-exclusive contract that allows you to pursue a deal with a major publisher
  • printing copies of your book to fill your orders
  • 40% Author Discount off retail price
  • additional discounts for volume purchases.
  • FIVE FREE COPIES of your book are included in the price of the package

This package is also ideal if your book is only for family or friends to enjoy, and design and layout is not a problem for you.

The Classic Package

The "Classic" includes everything in the "Basic", plus

  • Professional cover design
  • Preparation and insertion of copyright page
  • Assigning of ISBN number, creation of EAN Bookland barcode for the cover, full library cataloguing and registration including Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress numbering
  • 15 free corrections
  • ebook setup
  • TEN FREE COPIES of your book are included in the price of the package
  • 50% Author Discount off retail price

This package is ideal if you have your book prepared on the computer, but don't want to have to deal with the paperwork and phone calls to get your own ISBN number and Library cataloguing. It also gives you one more chance to review your book and make up to 15 free corrections to the proof copy we send you.

The Deluxe Package

The "Deluxe" includes everything in the "Basic" and "Classic", plus

  • Setting up your book in our pricing and inventory database
  • Listing in the online bookstore
  • Accepting and processing orders through online bookstore
  • Invoicing and shipping books to fulfill online bookstore orders
  • Processing charge card payments for online bookstore orders
  • Paying quarterly royalties on online bookstore sales
  • Printing two copies of your book and depositing with the National Library
  • TWENTY FREE COPIES of your book are included in the price of the package
  • 60% Author Discount off retail price

This package is ideal for the author who is serious about selling his or her book and wants to make it available to the world through the Internet.

The Select Package

The "Select" includes everything in the "Basic", the "Classic", AND the "Deluxe", plus

  • Creating a web page with photos, author biography, excerpts, etc.
  • Informing key search engines about your book's web page
  • Announcing your book's launch to book industry and media contacts
  • Sending Book Release Notices to booksellers
  • Submitting your book for sales at other online book retailers
  • Print and delivery of 250 book announcement cards to you, the author
  • Print and delivery of 100 colour postcards to you, the author
  • 10 Posters promoting your book
  • Processing orders from libraries, booksellers & distributors
  • Payment of quarterly royalties on all sales
  • FORTY FREE COPIES of your book are included in the price of the package

If you are serious about selling your book, and determined to sell it in the world marketplace, this is the package for you. This package gives you all the tools you need to make your book a success and to make it available to booksellers and readers throughout the world.

The "Plus"

If you want to give your book that "professional edge," you can add professional book layout and editing to the "Classic", "Deluxe" and "Select" packages. We will edit your book for grammar and flow, set page margins and page breaks to industry norms, and give it that "polished" look.

If your book is already typed into the computer, it can be as simple as emailing the file to us. If it is handwritten or was prepared on a typewriter, we can transfer it to a computer file. Of course, this will cost a little more, but once it is done, you will not only have a printed and bound copy of your book, but the manuscript on computer disk.

If you want pictures in your book, we will scan them for you, size them to fit the page, and place them as you desire, all for a reasonable per-picture fee. It doesn't matter if the picture is "too big" or "too small." We can expand or shrink them to fit the need. Using our state-of-the-art photo editing software, even a poor photograph can be improved.

The Cover

If you already have a cover design in mind, and have chosen the "Deluxe" package, we will scan your artwork and finish the cover to your design. If not, we can either supply a professional full-colour cover or, for a reasonable fee, have our in-house artist create a unique design just for you. The design fee for the custom cover is an added value feature of the "Select" package.