Company Information was formed to meet the demands of the modern book publishing industry. The team that created have been pioneers in the print on demand publishing technology. is responding to a need and a requirement to expand services offered previously to only a limited market to the world of publishing on the Internet. From a unique system of hand-binding books, which keeps the cost of binding down for short-run publications, to innovative methods of digital production, we are positioned to provide excellent service at competitive rates throughout the English-speaking world. is committed to producing your book in such a way that you can be proud of the result. With extensive experience in both the offset and digital printing processes, and a commitment to the leading edge of technology, we are able to meet the constant challenges of an ever-changing industry, and provide superior service.

From cookbooks and biographies to children's books and fiction, is committed to presenting your book to the world. Since we produce virtually everything in-house, we have ultimate control over the production process, and are constantly striving to improve and perfect our systems, so we can maintain our competitive position and offer better service for the same price as the competition.

We specialize in short print runs, which is ideal for the print on demand industry. Since 1995, we have been producing books in runs as short as 5, or into the thousands. By designing and building much of our own equipment, and carefully evaluating each piece of equipment we buy, our costs are kept down, which allows us to provide our services at a lower cost to you.

Included in our team is a printer with forty years experience, an editor with 15 years experience, bookbinders with over 30 years experience, a ghostwriter and scriptwriter with over 20 years experience, and an up and coming graphic artist whose work is already gaining recognition and acclaim. is a one stop, complete publishing solution, offering any level of service that is required to effectively produce and market your book. From simple printing of a finished manuscript to complete ghostwriting of a concept, we can help introduce the world to you the writer.