Terms and Conditions

This section is here to explain some common questions and to make sure we have been as complete as possible in explaining how our services work.

Distribution of your book

1. How will my book be distributed to bookstores, and how does it work?

All of our new "Select" titles are listed with several Book Distributors and Library Services, which means they will be available to almost all bookstores and libraries in North America. In addition, registration of your book with the National Library, and with Books In Print databases, allows booksellers, libraries and individuals to contact qualitybookpress.com directly to order your book.

Traditional publishers in North America normally provide books to booksellers on a returnable basis, which means that the bookseller can return an unsold title within 12 months of receiving it. It also means that traditional publishers have a very large investment in inventory on the titles they publish. Because of this, these publishers only release titles they are, with their years of experience and knowledge, sure will be a success. Even then, only about 20% of traditionally published titles actually generate a profit. This is the primary reason that traditional publishers are very hesitant to take a "risk" on a new author.

However, because all qualitybookpress.com titles are printed in response to orders, and are not kept in inventory, qualitybookpress.com books are sold on a non-returnable basis, as explained in the section on returns. Because we are not printing large runs on a "speculation" basis, we are able to keep your cost down, and ensure that your book is available to readers around the English-speaking world.

Most bookstores will sell your book when it is "special-ordered" by a customer, but few will stock your book on their shelves, unless you place it there on a "consignment" basis. If there is a steady demand at a local bookseller, its manager may decide to stock your book on a pre-paid basis.

2. What is qualitybookpress.com policy on returns?

As explained in the previous section, our "printing on-demand" production process means that books are printed as orders are received. Because of this, all of our titles are sold on a non-returnable and non-refundable basis.

Of course, if there was a manufacturing problem with any book, or if you received the wrong book, we may accept a return, as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The book must be unread.
  • You need to contact us by email before returning the book to inform us of the problem.
  • The book must be returned within 15 days of receipt. Please complete the reason for return on the receipt you receive with your order, and send a photocopy of the receipt in the carton. Be sure to package and wrap the package securely.
  • If there was damage in shipping, please notify the freight carrier first, then send us an email with the details. Freight damage is the responsibility of the freight carrier.

3. Is there a shipping or handling fee for the books included with my package or
for other books I order?

There is no handling fee for the free promotional copies included in your package. However, you do pay shipping charges on your free promotional copies and all subsequent book orders.

If you order 50 or more copies at a time, you will never pay a handling fee. There is, however, a fee for orders of 49 copies or less.